Saturday, March 27, 2010

Re-done Brits

I decided to flock my Brits to the Italian standard and am pleased with the results. Also changed here: the carrier unit is based, as per infantry and guns, on the 25mmx17mm "low visibility" base.

8th Hussars. Yes, I know that's a Daimler and not a Humber
That will be fixed with my next order from PicoArmor.

1st and 5th RTR, plus 7th Brigade HQ

2nd Scotts Guards and 7th Brigade HQ

The entire 7th Brigade, 7th Armored Division, ready for battle!


  1. Very nice work. I eventually went with 10mm stuff myself as I already have a heap of Warmaster terrain but still seriously considering 3mm for my DAK and 8th army forces so I can go for some really big battles.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Wow! These are really popping now! Loving the criss-crossing tank tracks on the bases- really atmospheric.

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