Friday, April 30, 2010

Blitzkrieg Airforces

Here are some photos of my first planes for the Avalon Hill Blitzkrieg Project. All planes are 1:600 (3mm) models from Tumbling Dice, with markings from Dom's Decals.

First up, we have two flights of Blue F-100 Super Sabres. I thought the white paint scheme on these turned out rather nice.

Here's the lead F-100 flight:

Here's the better part of a Krasnynorad (Red) MiG-19 squadron, escorting a Su-7 fighter-bomber:

MiG-19s up close:

Su-7 up close:

A Neutral (Walkurian) MiG-17:

And, finally, a lone F-100 from a second Blue squadron, this one in a more "Luftwaffe 1946" style paint scheme:


  1. Some lovely work there, particularly the outlining on the fuselage sections - do you let the undercoat do the talking there, or do you go over them again with a fine-liner pen or brush?

    The Walkurian paint scheme is looking especially fine!

  2. Both, actually.

    On the F-100s I undercoated grey, then built up the panels with cream and white.

    On the MiG-19s, I painted silver over the black undercoat, then black-lined the panel sections with a fine-tip brush.

    Thansk for the comments!

  3. I agree with Steelonsand, great work on the aircraft. Getting clean panel lines on Tumbling Dice aircraft is ruddy hard work and you've done it superbly. The F-100's are especially impressive.

  4. Well, the panel lines don't go through the national markings. I'm not that much of a parka-wearer!

  5. Those are excellent. I'm about to start on a load of TD planes for Mig Alley and you've given me lots of inspiration.

    Good stuff!

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