Saturday, January 12, 2013

3mm sci-fi set-up

Here's a quick set up for a battle showing my new terrain system and some of my 3mm sci-fi miniatures.

The system is built on half-meter square, 10mm thick "foamies" that can be linked together. One side of the foamie is flocked spring green, the other yellow. My old canvas modules have been dismounted from the frames and cut up. They are pinned to board with tacks and stick-pins disguised as rock piles and vegetation.

Here, you can see me holding the foamie with all the terrain pinned to it at a 90 degree angle compared to the floor. As you can see, this stuff is on there pretty firmly...
 Here's a top down shot of the foamie with miniatures and buildings in place....


 A shot of the R-5 handwavium refinery. The Lafitte Regiment's Fire Support Squadron currently occupies it. In the background, we can see a Lafitte titan guarding the road. It's screened by two squadrons of heavy mecha.

The Lafitte's titan is a monster. One of the heaviest and best armed in the Human Sphere. In reality it's a 28mm Tau power armored trooper repurposed from Games Wankshop. You can see some 2mm Germy power armor troopers on its base, put there for scale. The heavy mecha are Ground Zero Games 6mm infantry walkers from their "Not-Votoms" line:

Two companies of local House Penn-Taylor militia hold a trench line to the north of belt of Ramen Trees.

The Lafitte's anti-mecha squadron, made up of four troops of Stalker mecha, hide just below the crestline of the hill. Behind them is their HQ unit, mounted in Sloth command mechas.

Titans from the Third Combined Arms Combat Team, preceded by two companies of IFV-mounted infantry and a recon troop, advance on the woodsline.

Shot of the Laffite titan from the rear, showing its escort squadron, with Sloth-mounted HQ:

Another angle showing the 3rd CACT's main line of battle:


  1. Great looking terrain and figures. I recognize the zig-zag board used! Almost makes me want to start up 3mm!

  2. These are great! Really nice color schemes. You identified some of the figures, but how about the rest? Are those CAV mechs in there? In the last photo, who makes those 3 "chicken leg" mechs at the rear of the line?

  3. The infantry, tanks, Artillery, IFVs and recon vehicles are all from Oddzial Osmy's (O8) 3mm moderns line. The IFVs, for example, are simply West German Marders given a sci-fi paintjob and the Infantry is modern Soviet kit.

    My rationale for this is that armored vehicle technology is now mature and while a few things change – mostly in weapons and countermeasures – by and large today's AFV look is still standard throughout the Human Sphere. The Sphere has not gone over 100% to mecha because these are based on imported alien tech and are hellishly expensive.

    The real world rationale is this: I prefer the detail on O8's stuff over anything I've seen yet that's specifically been made for 2 or 3mm Sci-Fi so I'll continue to use their figs.

    The one exception to the rule is Germy's 2mm infantry, which I use as armored infantry. It's sold via Ground Zero Games and you can see a few of these figures on the base of the Lafitte Regiment's titan.

    The Laffite's line mecha are all GZG not-Votoms, as mentioned above. The support mecha, Stalkers and Sloth HQ units come from Iron Wind Metal's "battle armor" made for Battletech. Many of these figs are easily repurposed as 3mm mecha and they cost about USD 0.50 apiece.

    The 3rd's titans, both light and heavy, are repurposed 1/144 Dream Pod 9 figures from their Utopia & Eden line.

    The DP9 stuff are far and away the most expensive components of my 3mm sci-fi armies, the large titans clocking in at around 11.00 USD each. Even the GW stuff is cheaper: I got 3 Tau battlesuits for about 8-9 bucks apiece. It's undenaibly beautiful kit, however.

    By contrast, the O8 figs which make up most of my armies cost 4.00 USD for 15 stands of infantry or AFVs. So while you're looking at maybe 80 dollars worth of figures on that module, when the armies expand out to their full size, the cost is under 200 USD for bopth together.

    You can see the 3rd, fully deployed, elsewhere on this blog. Just click on the "Gray Army" marker to the right.

  4. Hii my friend.... It is i Bokaso......

    Ovo je predivno i jako inspirativno za mene... dao si mi posbnu volju i elan da radim u 3mm...
    Letos sam pravio stitove, slemove, meceve Srbskih vitezova i poklanjao deci.....

    Sada radim 122mm Gvozdjika za balkanske ratove i nameravam da napravim Iransku borbenu grupu...
    Pravio bih protiv njih koaliciju SAD, GB, Izrael...

  5. Boksdo sez:

    "This is beautiful and very inspiring for me ... You gave me the will and enthusiasm are specific to work in 3mm ...
    Last summer I made shields, helmets, knights and matches Srbskih donated to children .....

    Now do Gvozdjika 122mm for the Balkan wars, and I intend to make the Iranian task force ...
    I made ​​a coalition against them, U.S., GB, Israel ..."

    Thanks, man! I can't believe you do all your stuff by hand! How do you find the time to make hand-made 3mm armies?

  6. SWEET HOLY CRAP, man! That is inspired! You already have me imagining ways to pour resin rivers into those foam tiles. You can get them in the USA for something like $1.50 per square foot at a 5/8" thickness - that's imperial, not sure if the Metric is the same. but I'm totally doing this. Amazing idea!


  7. randon image search led me here. I really like the terrain. Maybe I will try something similar. Thanks for the inspiration.