Monday, March 25, 2013

Crowd-Sourcing a Basing Decision. Your thoughts?

I've decided to go with 20x10mm bases, minimal flocking and a colored label at the bottom, explaining what the unit is.

The Russians look good already. What I need to do now is choose a color scheme for the Germans' labels.

I'm looking for a mix of legibility and attractiveness. Please tell me which scheme you think is the best. Top panzer is #1 and bootm panzer is #5. (Note that #5 panzer still needs to be flocked.)


  1. I'd do the whole base as a green label and then put a little flock on it with the tank. Maybe find some terrain images.

  2. Great idea! The only problem is, I'd need access to a good color printer. Still.......

  3. No.1 is No.1 !
    Panzergrau :-)
    But number 2 is also nice. 1+2 are good-looking and the best readable of the line.

    Regards! - NogegoN