Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hungry, hungry eyes...

The gentleman in the photo above is Mr. William Armintrout, owner of The Miniatures Page. Our use of the image is purely for satiric purposes and is not meant to challenge Mr. Armintrout's ownership of it, nor seriously imply that he's the kind of fellow who'd steal a tablemate's lunch.


  1. There's a lot more could be said about Bill! ;)

  2. :D Quite, History PhD.

    If anyone hasn't read about it yet, here's the thread on Frothers UK:

    Tl;Dr version: all of the Phillipina women Bill has hired as editors are in fact transgender.

    This is no problem to me. In favt, if anything, it would make me want to support TMP. The problem is, Bill did this in a very dodgy fashion, hiring them from another site which he has set up using an alias. This other site is a T-lover site, and again, that isn't the problem. The fact that Bill pays the wo,men to out themselves on one site while hiring them using their same names and photos on TMP is problematic, however, especially when Bill goes through immense gymnastics to maintain HIS OWN anonymity in all of this. It's also problematic that Bill was promising, on his t-lovers site, to find the women western husbands, then encouraged them to start flirting with TMP members as soon as he "hired" them for TMP... "hired" being a somewhat nebulous word here, given that Bill only pys them 100 USD a month, no bennefits.

    Bill tried to censor the truth by basically kicking off TMP anyone he thought was involved with Frothers.

  3. Not a nice person and his website is home to terrible, racist people. A place I avoid nowadays.

  4. If "Anonymous" wants to be taken seriously, he should disclose his identity. Yes. some of my workers are transgender. No, I do not run a "T-lover site," nor have I ever paid anyone to "out" themselves. My workers are professional and do not "flirt." It is a lie that they are only paid 100 USD per month.

  5. So how much do you pay your workers per month, Bill? 150 dollars, isn't it? Plus the occasional charitable donation?

    What's the minimum wage in New York again?

    And before you say "but it's a great wage in the Philippines", how does that make you anything but yet one more American businessman taking advantage of starvation-level Third World wages?

    This is the thing: supposedly you're running a charity. No, they're employees. Well, they don't have a contract or job security or a living wage or anything else for that matter, nor do they seem to do much of anything on TMP. It certainly isn't running any better now that you've brought them in. So a charity, right? With no oversight whatsover.

    All we can really say is that you give these women money and they allegedly perform services for you on TMP. That's about it.

    What we can also say is that under the anonymous garb of Monty Schwab, you gave these women 10 dollars a pop to tell stories about their lives as transwomen. You published these stories with their names and photos, then "hired" them using the same names and photos on TMP.

    In other words, you didn't even give them the same level of protection that you gave yourself as "Monty Schwab".

    And Bill, whatever you might think, your workers do indeed occasionally flirt -- as do all young women.

    I remember well the "locker room" attitude that prevailed on TMP when these young women first showed up. Several people complained about it and you did nothing to reduce it. In fact, I DEFENDED their right to flirt if that's what they wanted to do, remember?

    If you want to bullshit, old son, you're better off going back to your own little pocket of the internet where you can censor anyone who has a different view of things than you do.

  6. (BtW, just so you don't start harassing Ana, the authorship of this post and the comment above should be attributed solely to me, Thaddeus Gregory Blanchette.)