Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Hapsburg Army Expands

Here are some photos of my 3mm Austrian Empire forces for Black Powder. All of the figures are by Oddzial Osmy, of course, bought through Pico Armor in the U.S.

New here are three battalions of Hungarian troops, two more batteries of artillery and four squadrons of hussars to go with the five battalions of infantry and one battery that I have previously painted up.

The Austrians will eventually get another three battalions of infantry, six squadrons of chevauxlegers, four squadrons of cuirassiers, and two battalions of grenadiers, as well as a regiment of Grenzers and a jaeger battalion. The light infantry is already on the painting table.

 The entire army, as it is so far.

The Hungarians! Note that the labels aren't correct at this point: they're just added in to give me an idea of what they will look like in terms of color and composition.

Hussars! These guys were actually pretty fun to paint, as I will show below....

Finally, here's how I painted the hussars. Going from right to left, you can see the application of each individual color, in fourteen individual stages.


  1. Some very very good looking Austrians! You just can't beat 3mm for mass effect. Impressive!

  2. It sounds like a lot of work, Andrew, but it is really just washes combined with dot-n-slash for the most part.

  3. So what is the scale ratio you end up with? 1:5?