Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Three Different Pico-Scale Versions of the First Polish Lancers

Here are three different versions of the same regiment: the famous First Polish Lancers, all in pico-scales!

First up are two squadrons of the lancers based for Black Powder. Figures are from Oddizal Osmy's 1/600 Napoleonics line:

Then we have the entire regiment based for Sam Mustafa's new Bl├╝cher. These are 1/900 scale figures from Irregular Miniature's Horse & Musket range:

Last, we have a squadron of First Polish Lancer GEVs painted up for my 3mm Ogre Miniatures set-up. These are heavily modified Oddizial Osmy Centaurus hovercraft.


  1. I just wish O8 had made correct second rank for the lancers, ie, not lance armed. Ah well.

  2. It's pretty easy to use other cavalry for the second rank. Unfortunately, that option isn't available for the Polish lancers, however. Ironic, isn't it, given that O8 is Polish?

    1. We will go with Polish Chevaulegers with later, so problem will be solved ;)

  3. Those look great, and give me stuff to think about with basing. Do you have any tips for a starting 3mm painter?

  4. But of course! :)

    The best overview that I have written to date can be found here:

  5. Also, here you can see a step by step guide for painting austrian hussars.

  6. Great job on those GEV conversions!