Sunday, April 12, 2015

2mm French Imperial Guard for Blucher

I am heading off to a conference, so I can't get up many more photos for awhile. But here some pictures of the1813 French Imperial Guard for Blucher. As always, once I got the photos up, I saw the errors: for some reason, one of the Young Guard artillery units is Polish. I need to do some relabeling on the Guard infantry, too. Sigh.

Note thst some errors, like the two Flanquer brigades and red plumes for all the Guards. I did these just for esthetic purposes: more color is always good in the picoscales.

Other than that, though I think these are pretty good.


  1. They look fantastic - a true levee en mass!

  2. Around 80 figures per stand, perhaps 10,000 in the whole army.

    And it plays on a 6x4 table, with plenty of room to spare. ;)

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