Sunday, September 20, 2015

First 3mm Ogre Miniatures Game

Here are some pictures from my first 3mm Ogre Miniatures game. The conventional armor is all Oddzial Osmy and the Ogres are Plasmablast conversions. The scenario was a heavy Combine armor strike against an extended Paneuropean front. The Combine's goal was to destroy the city at mid-table on the Paneuro baseline. They almost made it.

I used my home-brewed drone and mine rules. They seemed to work fairly well. The mines in particular slowed the Combine down a turn and led directly to the Pansie victory.

 The table at start, as seen from above.

The Combine forces: Ogres Mama Spank and Nervous George (with a full compliment of drones) are accompanied by a heavy armor battalion and a GEV strike company.

The Pansies stand ready with an entire heavy armored battalion with an infantry battalion and a howitzer battery in support.

The Combine hooks right and the Paneuropeans scramble to meet them.

 Game over, man. The Ogres eventually grind to a halt in the Paneuropean minefields just in front of the city.


  1. Very good report.

    Your terrain is intriguing - the green circular areas are irrigated crops I am guessing, and I really like your scratch-built buildings.

  2. Yeah, the green circular areas are irrigated crops and the bronze towers in the middle are precip towers.

  3. That looks really great - fantastic to see the fruition of your project!

  4. Great report as always, I love to see your stuff in action!

  5. Hey, I just saw this stuff, do you guys have any ideas on how I might be able to buy or find some of these model pieces?

  6. Oddzial Osmy out of Poland or PicoArmor out of the U.S. will do you! :)

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