Saturday, January 2, 2010

Painting the British 4th Brigade (three of three)

Final touches
As I mentioned in the last post, I decided to put sangars around the artillery and machineguns. These are built up with Vallejo Pumice and allowed to dry. They are then painted with Burnt Umber and dry brushed with Mahogany.

Some of the painting is also touched up - particularly a few of the flashes and some treads. More Seinna wash is applied under the tanks to give the effect of shadows at high noon. The Armored Car company's base edge is painted in Sand. The other bases, being commerically bought transparent acrylic, don't need this final touch. In fact, they look better with out it.

Woodland Scenics Fine Earth flocking is laid down in patches to cover up any obvious base lines or hairs that inadvertently got painted into the base. After the glue dries, small splotches of Green Blended turf are stuck on here and there - about three or so per base. Again, this is mostly done to highten the contrast between the tanks and their bases.

Finally, the miniatures are carefully brushed off to remove any lint or hairs and two more coats of spray varnish are applied.

Here are the final results (again, apologizing for the poor lighting):

The entire 4th Brigade, 7th Armored Division, finished. Three armored regiments and an armored car squadron lead the way, followed by a motor rifle battalion and an artillery battalion.

A tank regiment, Honeys in front, Grants in back. Looks like I missed a hair on that lefthand Honey base. More flock!

Motor rifle battalion. Infantry and machineguns in front, 2lb portee ATG and carrier company in back.

The 25 lbr artillery battalion.

Total elapsed time on this brigade was probably about two hours. Now onto the next brigade, which I have decided will be the 22nd Armored and not the 2nd, after all.

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