Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo of two regiments in the palm of my hand

A regiment from the 4th Armored Brigade and one fromthe 22nd Armored Brigade in the palm of my hand.

This should give readers some notion of the... er... compact nature of 1/600 scale figures.

Note that the 22nd Brigade stands still need to be flocked.


  1. ive been following this project with great interest. The whole force looks outstanding.

    I thought 6mm was small enough for mass effect, but your 3mm really looks good.

    Thanks for sharing, ill probably nick all your ideas ......


  2. Thanks, Yorkie!

    The nice thing about 1/600 is that it's cheap. 35 USD will buy you more figs than you can use. So if you always wanted to do an army but were put off because of costs and painting time, 1/600 is definitely the ticket.

  3. Looking good there, bring on the DAK and Ariete!

  4. You've said you play Blitzkrieg Commander with each base as a company.
    I've just received my copy of these rules and (as far as I can see) they only talk about units representing a platoon or section/single vehicle.
    What changes do you make for the scale you use?

  5. I set distances at 10cm to 1 inch. Seems to work fine.