Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Future War Commander in 1/600: Infantry Units Comparison

Here are some a size comparisons shot to show the kinds of units I'm working with in 3mm for Future War Commander!

From the left to the right, we have a conventional infantry squad (O8 Israeli infantry), an armored infantry squad (Germy Bugger 2mm power armor sold through GZG), a power armor or walker squad (Scottia 6mm power armor) and a mecha (DP9 fleet scale gear). No, the conventional infantry unit didn't get overly excited: that's varnish that's still drying.

Same line up, this time doubled and with a GZG "Hound Dog" walker on the left (also by Germy Bugger). You'll notice that the infantry have found time to use their hankies and clean themselves up here.

Two pictures of the same crew from different angles and in different lighting conditions.

More spoogey conventional infantry.

Two power armor troopers and a mecha. In the game scale of 1/600, the power armor is about 5.5 meters tall, the mecha about 9-10.

And here are three shots of my power armor battalion's command stand. I attempted to make a mini-diorama. The commander pops the cockpit on his armor to oversee two armored infantry soldiers as they field strip the remains of a destroyed power armor suit:


  1. Some really useful comparison shots there, and some great looking minis - liking the vignette base at the end!

  2. The colorful scheme is really effective! I'm not really a fan of firefigther marines, but at this scale it looks good, makes the minis stand out and gives a suitable sci-fi impression.

  3. That's why I chose the red scheme, Luka.

    My other force is in a more traditional sand/brown/yellow scheme and they look GREAT... from a distance of about 10cm. At arm's length, they just sort of blend into the table background. :(

    They were my first 3mm painting project. After I learned that you need more emphatic paint schemes at this scale, my other sci-fi armies got painted blue and turquoise with clashing trim (green for the red guys and orange for the blues.

    I'm using WWI German aircraft dazzle schemes for inspiration. The leader of the units pictured above is Baron Sacha Möder-Fokker and the mechs are part of his personal guard regiment, so I obviously went for a "Red Baron" sort of scheme.

  4. A troop of individually colored "ace" mechas would look Capital, I think!

  5. I'm thinking of using my old Battletech "Click" mechas for precisely that purpose, Lukas, Transform some 9-15 battlesuits into a company of ragged mercenaries.