Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dream Pod 9 Titans and Heavy Mecha Arrive for Future War Commander

Reinforcements have arrived! From left to right, Frame 25, Flails, Arminger, Drone and Fleet Scale Gear. O8 U.S. Vietnam Infantry and Chieftain tank in front, shown for scale.

As followers of this blog probably know by now, I use Drean Pod 9's Fleet Scale Heavy Gears as 3mm mecha for Future War Commander, with tanks and infantry supplied by O8.

I just bought some of DP9's new regular scale Flails and Drones, as I figured they might make good heavy mechs. The flails are perfect! DP9's fleet scale gears are 15mm or 9 scale meters tall. The flails top that by another meter or two, making them perfect superheavy mecha.
The drones are a bit too big to be mecha and yet too small to be "Titan"-sized units. Still, they are beautiful figures and I'm going to make them small massive vehicles.

Finally, I bought the new Arminger Commando and Frame 25 regular-scale gears for "titan"-sized massive units and they fit the bill PERFECTY! The only changes I needed to make were leaving off the Arminger's rather odd "loincloth" and the Frame's jumpjets (which didn't quite fit in with the projected scale).

I need to say that it's a pure pleasure to work with DP9 stuff: they cost an arm and a leg but there is zero flash and mult-part figures practically snap together. The fits are sometimes so precise that the piece will actually stay in place without glue holding it - not "can game with" in place, mind you, but still...

Anyhow, beautiful stuff, if pricey. Around 20 USD gets you 10 mecha, 8 drones, 13 flails, or 2 Titans. I make one DP9 purchase a year of about 100 USD gradually build up my armies. For those who want to try this, I suggest buying 50 bucks worth of O8 modern tanks, infantry and IFVs, plus one pack of Southern and Northern fleet scale gears. That will give you a Mecha battalion for each side, backed up by a conventional regiment with air support for about 100 USD.

Another shot, showing the DP9 stuff exclusively. Note that the flails have been modified: their vision slots have been filled down and replaced with a sensor globe. Also, the chaingun has been replaced with a bead to represent a short-ranged plasma weapon. One of the flails is also armed with a heavy missile launcher, scavanged from the Arminger's extra pieces.


  1. Looking forward to some paint on these!

  2. Btw, have you checked the powered infantry from the OOP Mechwarior clix? Granted they are not as detailed, but they might be a cheap way to add numbers to the mecha units ... they certianly seem the right size.

  3. Yes, Luka, I have several. The problem is, they're not cheap here in Brzil and I can't get the ones I want, so it's difficult to make cohesive unit. But I do plan on turning some into mecha in the near future.

  4. I see. The upside might be that a single stand comes with a number of the chaps on it, so if you can score some on the eBay ... if you'll get a chance, I'd be thankful for some comparison shots with those too. Thanks.

  5. Dug out some of my old Mechwarrior clix and compared them. The power armor is almost exactly the same height as the Hound Dogs and DP9 stuff.

    So, yeah.