Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Shots: Future War Commander Grey Army in 3mm

My 1/600 scale Grey Army for Future War Commander is almost completed. By "Grey", of course, I mean the color and not the little anal-probing aliens. I still need a decent off-color name for this force, so all creative suggestions are welcome!

The figures are a DP9 Recon Armiger for the titan in the middle (the one with the Angry Marines graffiti on it) flanked by Trooper Drones from the same manufacture. In front of the titans, we have a line of Ground Zero Games Hound Dog mecha and in front of them, O8 Leopard IIs, Marders and Israeli infantry.

Still to go on this project: touching up another Armiger and 4 more Trooper drones, basing 6 Luchs armored cars for recon and applying some final color details to the infantry (I think they need a red shoulder patch so that they jump out a little more).


  1. Greyhound Security Co.
    Grimsky's Greyhounds, a mercenary band?

  2. Needs moar off-color content. Right now they are "Those grey fuckers". I'd like something cleverer. A pun, perhaps.

  3. Not a native speaker I've only just learned what off-color means. :)
    Will try something along those lines ...