Sunday, June 20, 2010

Future War Commander in 1/600: Grey Army

Here's the Grey Army (as yet nameless, though Lukas sent in some good ideas), finally completed for Future War Commander in 1/600 (or 3mm) scale.

This is the 3rd Combined Arms Combat Team, built around a titan regiment of five squadrons. Each squadron has two troops and there are four light squadrons and one heavy. The grey heavy titans are heavily armored and mount a uniqued area point-defence system which is designed to shoot down missiles and artillery rounds. Their main weapon is a starship-grade particle accelerator. The heavy titans are also HQ units and have an electronic warfare capacity. The light titans are built for speed and are the smallest vehicles in the Human Sphere to mount shield generators. The shield geometries available due to this unique design decision require that the rail gun be slung under the titan's belly rather than mounted on top, where it would be more effective.

The greys have spent a lot of money upgrading their titan forces in recent years and their mecha arm has suffered. Here, we see a small mecha battalion (two HQs, nine line mecha troops, three light mecha troops and a mecha artillery support battery), equipped with H√ľnds, a solid but now somewhat obsolete mecha design.

Two conventional combined arms battalions are also part of the team. These are composed of two HQs, six MBTs, 6 IFVs and 6 heavy conventional infantry platoons. A large mobile artillery battery is attached to each battalion and a rocket artillery battery serves as the Team's heavy long-range fire support. Also attached directly to Brigade Headquarters is a armored car recon squadron. Fast recon mechs are on the Grey's "to buy" list. In the meantime, the Grey's command staff is debating attaching a heavy scout squadron to this unit, which would include 3 missile-armed APCs and 3 scout platoons.

The Team's fourth and final main unit is an air cavalry regiment, made up of six attack helicopter troops.

Brigade support includes a squadron of light attack craft and an obsolete (but still very tough) cybertank named "Fred".


  1. Great use of the different scaled figures together.

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  3. *bah, typo!*

    Great looking army you've got here, kudos!

  4. AS.S.G.A.P.E. - Assault Subdivision of the Grey Army Protection Expedition?
    off-color enough? :)no? how about assault subdivision of the grey anal probing expedition? It was far too late when I came up with this, so I'm not even sure it's funny. I'll post some more if I come up with anything better.

  5. Oh, and a very cool force you've got there, btw.

  6. Nice one, Luka! :D

    Maybe A.S.S.P.R.O.B.E., what with them being greays and all... I'll need to think of a clever acronym.

  7. Want more? G.S.P.O.T. - Grey surveillance probe/patrol of overtaken/opposing territories
    Acronyms might be the easy way out, but my knowledge of phrases that include "grey" is severely limited.

  8. And for Thaddeus' idea;
    Assault Probe/Patrol with Robotic Orbital Breach Executability.

    I'll try to think of something better than "robotic", because this doesn't mean anything. :)

    I'm starting to become jealous... ;)

    Great minis as always. Superb comparison and usage of different minis scales.