Monday, August 9, 2010

Depot de la Guerre: Handcrafted Terrain for Wargames

I'm sure this is far beyond my budget, but it DOES give one some great ideas for 2-3mm terrain modules, no?

Just beautiful stuff!

Question: what do you all think he uses to get that field effect? I could definitely use some of that...

Is that washcloth material for the fields or what...?

And look at these Squad Leader boards! Now THAT'S how ASL should be played!!!


  1. Very nice stuff, I guess one can dream.

  2. Holy Moly! Gimme a Link, Link, LInk! -I need to look into those.......and then slink away, fingers burned - great find though, thanks for the temptation - I think!

  3. The link is above. Just click on his site's name in the text (in blue).

  4. Ahah - cunningly hidden, I see! (at least to my old eyes....I (but not my wallet) thank you....