Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ogres marsch!

Thanks to the gentlemanly acts of Mr. Tim Porter, I've received my Plasmablast 1/300 Marhaf Legion miniatures months before I could've normally expected them!

Yesterday evening, I finally got a chance to paint some of them up and here they are, Masquerading as Ogres, or what Mathieu Moyen of Six Commando fame calls "Rumblers" - ridiculously large cybertanks, in any case) for my ever-growing Grey Army.

Here we see three Ogres - a big one and two littler ones (let's call them a Mark V and two Mark IIIBs) advancing past a mining village in the bleak outback of Smade´s World. They are escorted by a company of Oddzial Osmy Caesarion MBTs, reinforced by a platoon of Matabele-mounted panzergrenadiers.

Yes, those are Doms Decals 1/600 Beglian roundels on those figs. I use them exclusively because I like the color scheme. They mean nothing as of yet because, as readers of this blog know, I have still not decided on a background for the Grey Army. All I know at this point is that they are fighting The New Vistula Legion Neo-Pole Mercenaries and their employers, the Revolutionary Army of Salvation, for control over Smade's World's unobtanium fields and hand wavium processing facilities.