Monday, January 27, 2020

Can anyone find a non-creepy picture of Bill Armintrout?

The picture above is of Mr. William Armintrout, owner and Editor of The Miniatures Page, a “family friendly” website that promotes miniatures hobby wargaming and, occasionally, child marriage, white supremacist literature, and nuking the fuck out of any country that isn’t ‘Muricuh.

Bill bans people who objects to these things while letting content pirates and folks who defend hebophile rapists in court roam about. It’s keeping the site “politics free” that’s Bill’s main goal, so he’ll ban people for being horrified that site members suggest that the U.S. Army should use S.S.tactics in Afghanistan while giving those who make such suggestions  a mild slap on the wrist, if anything.

He’s also been known to use his site to describe teenage girls as “sloppy” or not “sloppy”.

I am not a fan of Mr. Armintrout and I think he is a nasty blotch on our hobby. However, if anyone can find a picture of him where he DOESN’T look like an extremely creepy dirty old man, I’d love  to see it.

Link in the comments section, below, please,