Monday, July 5, 2010

Building a 3mm Science Fiction City

Last Tuesday, I took a stroll down through the SAARA to my favorite bead and bangles shop, where I bought 20 dollars worth of wooden and plastic beads and shapes with which to build some sci-fi urban terrain for my burgeoning 3mm mecha armies.

My goal was to make suitably phallic-looking towers a la Dream Pod 9's rendition of the city of Peace River. (I was also inspired by the One More Gaming Project blog's recent Martian city.) I didn't want the buildings to be TOO detailed, as that would distract attention from the minis, but I wanted the to be more than simply painted shapes.

Anyhow, here are the results so far...

And here's a few action shows with the painted main citadel and a few city blocks. Note also the presence of Big Red, the House Möder-Fokker Titan....


  1. Those are awesome! Very Eldar-like. Very inspirational.

  2. That, my friend, is fan-bloody-tastic!

    An excellent use of some simple materials, was already looking good in its unpainted state, but once finished, looks outstanding - very well done!

    Can't wait to see more - especially the towers that appear to be emerging from under hatches - 'silo cities' perhaps?

  3. I like it. Very organic looking and reminiscent of a city from the TTA books.

  4. Yeah, SoS, I'm figuring that a lot of the city is below ground for environmental reasons. These are just the tips of the complex, so "silo cities" indeed! I'm also building some screen projector type thingies which will be used to defend the city.

    Glad you folks like it!

  5. Very nice! It looks like some sort of alien city from some 1950's scifi movie....and that's a compliment!

  6. That's what I was striving for Chris, so thanks!

  7. Very inspirational.

    Thanks for the post and tutorial.


  8. Brilliant as always mate!!