Monday, February 2, 2015

Building Howitzers for 3mm Ogre

Here are some pictures of how I am using the extra gun barrels from O8´s M92 SPG to build howitzers for my 3mm Ogre set-up.

Here are the supplies and components:

A bit of pasteboard for the base. A thumbtack (pointy bit cut off and reused as a bunker antenna), eight slices of a dead credit card, a couple of plastic bits (which are glued together and filed into the right shape), some plastic tubing (for the bunker) and, of course, the extra gun barrel from the M-92.

This shows you the four howitzers in various stages of construction.

Here they are, all built.


And painted.


  1. Always nice to see a model maker getting into their stride with a project and pushing the boat all the way out. Bravo sir, bravo!