Friday, August 19, 2016

New Sci Fi Game Board

Here is an "alien world" set up I am doing for quick and dirty science fiction games in 3mm. I wanted something cheap and cheerfull and simple. Hills are "wedding cake" style with dunes sloped on one side. They are both made out of foam core, covered with artist's PVC gesso.

The boards themselves are just MDF slabs covered in gessoed canvas, bought at my local art supply store. The forests are bits of loofa sponge, flocked with various colors. The Alien Idol is some kid's cereal prize I found on the street and re-purposed.


  1. Very nice, will we see some ogres fighting on this board in the future?

  2. The red look is wonderful. Gets across the "alien world" idea instantly.

    Personally, I'd be tempted to get a few "strange" plants in there, maybe chopping up some aquarium plants or something.

  3. Looks cool mac , also looks like the aussie outback.

  4. Hopefully, I'll get a game in soon. As this is going to be for three millimeter figures, there is a limit to what kind of plant life I can stick in there.

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